We understand that circumstances may arise necessitating changes to the authorship of a submitted manuscript. We recognize the importance of transparency and fairness in handling such requests. Therefore, the following policy outlines the procedures to be followed for authorship changes:

  1. Request for Authorship Change: Any requests to add, remove, or rearrange authors on a manuscript must be submitted in writing to the editorial office. The request should include a detailed explanation of the reasons for the proposed changes.

  2. Consent of All Authors: All authors listed on the manuscript, including those being added or removed, must provide their explicit consent for the proposed authorship changes. Consent should be obtained in writing and submitted along with the request.

  3. Justification for Changes: The corresponding author must provide a clear justification for the requested authorship changes. This may include explanations of contributions to the research, intellectual input, or other relevant factors influencing authorship.

  4. Verification of Contributions: If adding new authors, evidence of their substantial contributions to the research or manuscript preparation must be provided. Conversely, if removing authors, justification for their exclusion must be documented.

  5. Review and Approval: The editorial board will review the request and accompanying documentation to ensure compliance with ethical standards and journal policies. Approval of authorship changes will be granted only after careful consideration of all relevant factors.

  6. Publication of Corrections: Upon approval of authorship changes, the manuscript will be updated accordingly, and a corrigendum or similar notice will be published to inform readers of the modifications made to the author list.

  7. Timely Communication: Authors are encouraged to communicate any proposed authorship changes as soon as possible to avoid delays in the publication process. Delays may occur during the review and approval of such requests.

  8. Ethical Considerations: Requests for authorship changes will be evaluated in light of ethical considerations, including issues of attribution, accountability, and fairness to all parties involved.

Synthesis and Sintering is committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity and transparency in authorship practices. Any deviations from this policy will be addressed following established guidelines for publication ethics.