Editorial to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Synthesis and Sintering

  • Mehdi Shahedi Asl 1
  • 1 Founder, Synsint Research Group, Famagusta, Cyprus


Serving as a member of the editorial board of Synthesis and Sintering and the founder of the Synsint Research Group is undoubtedly a great honor for me. I am happy to witness the significant growth of this journal as a global platform that publishes scientific articles with high standards. As we celebrate the third anniversary of Synthesis and Sintering, we are proud to present to readers a collection of high-quality articles written by leading experts and young researchers in the fields of synthesis and sintering. These articles, which have been published regularly in the past three years, have shown the commitment of the journal and its management team to the development of science and research in these fields. In this editorial article, the goals of the journal, its achievements and our prospects are presented.


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Keywords: Synthesis and Sintering, Journal growth, Publication quality, Scholarly impact, Future development


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Editorial to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Synthesis and Sintering
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